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Accurate data for Shopify stores

Accurate data for Shopify stores

Littledata helps online brands make data-driven decisions to accelerate growth. Ecommerce analytics were broken, so we built a better way. Our smart connections automatically fix tracking for Shopify stores, from marketing channels to buying behavior. Top DTC brands and subscription ecommerce sites rely on Littledata to get accurate data in Segment or Google Analytics, and our world-class customer support team provides hands-on support and analytics training. We're a small global team with a focus on innovation, collaboration, innovation, and truly lean iteration!

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Ari Messer

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Doer & Thinker @Littledata - London | NYC | California - @Stanford @University of Edinburgh
Founder @Littledata, @Teachable, strategy & product consultant. Product manager @Macmillan Publishers. Trained at Accenture, MA from Magdalen College, Oxford.