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control your home with ease

control your home with ease

Litehouse is a voice controlled platform for home automation.  Controlling smart devices with an app is unintuitive. Having one app for each device leads to a frustrating user experience. Also, building the complete software stack is costly for device vendors . Litehouse solves all these problems with an intuitive smart home platform. Using Litehouse, you can control smart devices with voice. So, users don’t need to unlock their phones, launch the right app just to turn on a light.  Litehouse provides Apple HomeKit firmware for both WiFi and BLE devices. This helps device manufacturers to cut down their development cost. The firmware can be licensed directly from us or purchased from our chip manufacturing partners. We are partnering with a Semiconductor company.  Litehouse SDK is cross platform. So we work with both Siri and Android voice. It also means that personal assistant apps like EasilyDo, Any.do can be our potential customers.  Litehouse is featured at GigaOM and TUAW.   

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Building #Enterprise #AI @Ople.AI #NLP lover. Mentor @backstage_cap, Founded @litehouseio for #VoiceFirst interaction, @Intel @Cisco alumni, spoke @TEDx