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Slack for hospitals


1 round
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Undisclosed amount


Andrew Jiang

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Alum of @Y Combinator, @Sprig, @BCG, and NYU


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Early-stage tech VC firm based in Europe

Slow Ventures

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Never climb alone.

Justin Kan

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Co-founder of Atrium LTS and @Whale. Founded @Exec and @Justin.tv. Partner at Y Combinator.

Dave Morin

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Founder Sunrise, Path, Slow / Early Facebook, Apple / Board Dwell, Esalen

Yee Lee

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4x founder, over 60 angel investments, 8 acquisition exits and an IPO. Prior teams: @PayPal, @Slide, @Skype , @Google , @TaskRabbit

Kevin Colleran

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Managing Director @Slow Ventures focused on early stage technology investing. Previously one of the first 10 employees @Facebook.

Lily Limusanno

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Angel Investor

Alex Chang

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Co-founder of @Boostable. Co-founded and sold @Social Amp. Worked previously at @Daylife which was acquired by @NewsCred. Studied CS at @Columbia University
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