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Machine Learning Engineer Intern

Posted 1 month ago

Listnr is looking for a Machine Learning Engineer Intern for working on its audio/speech synthesis end, Listnr uses Google WaveNet for audio and Text-to-speech conversion. The applicant should have knowledge of Machine Learning/NLP algorithms and making Flask APIs is a must.


Full Stack Developer (MERN)

Posted 2 months ago

Listnr is looking for a Full Stack Developer with more than 2 years of experience with MERN Stack.

The Developer should have knowledge of MERN stack, GraphQL experience with Integrating Stripe.


Cloud Engineer (Intern)

Posted 2 months ago

Building and designing web services in the cloud, along with implementing the set-up of geographically redundant services. Orchestrating and automating cloud-based platforms throughout the company.


CTO - Full Stack Web Development

Posted 3 weeks ago

Listnr is looking for a CTO to handle the web development side of the app.

The CTO should be proficient in MERN stack development and Sass CSS.


Digital Marketing Intern

Posted 1 month ago

A 1-month Internship at Listnr revolving around Content Marketing and SEO.


Customer Success and Outreach (Intern)

Posted this week

Ability to commit 10-15 hours/week, for at least 2 months
Excellent written and interpersonal communication skills
Foundational knowledge of a business’s operational structure
Foundational knowledge in marketing
Desire to learn and ability to adapt
Critical thinking skills
Data ...