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Cofounder & Senior Front-End (React) Developer who loves video games - for an Australian publishing startup

$20k – $70k • 10.0% – 25.0%
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NOTE: Please read the full description. This is not just any old front-end developer role.

Also, I am sorry but I am not looking to hire a dev shop. Thanks for your understanding.


We are looking for someone to join in the role of Cofounder, CTO, and also be our hands-on front-end developer. Ideally you will also have a passion for great UX/UI design.

Listium is live and is signing up new users every day, but we are in the middle of a pretty key pivot that we believe will have a very significant on the business. Think of today as "the first day of the rest of Listium's life", and you could join right at that key inflection point.



- Full-time or part-time role.
- Located in Melbourne, Australia, is preferred, but remote is possible.
- Generous equity allocation with attractive terms (this is a genuine co-founder role, not an early senior hire!).
- A partial salary is also available, but it must be well below market in order for us to allocate a significant amount of equity and make you a genuine cofounder. It is simply not fair to all other stakeholders in Listium to give you both a market salary and a co-founder sized equity position.
- 5+ years professional web development experience required, including a very strong understanding of React. Our code quality is pretty good, but this is a big app with a lot of moving pieces and we need to move quickly. Only a senior developer is going to be able to deliver our roadmap at a reasonable pace without taking months to get up to speed.
- An exciting short-term roadmap with a lot of features that we feel are high value but relatively straight forward to implement. They will also be a lot of fun to build if you like UX!
- Modern tech stack (Node, React, Postgres) with clean, well documented code.


I really think there is a lot to like about this role... but only for the right person! In fact, this role will be totally unsuitable for MOST people.

Here’s why you may NOT like this role:

- If you want to build a product from scratch, this won’t suit you;
- If you want to work in a large team, this won’t suit you;.
- If you need a full market salary from day one, this won’t suit you;
- If you don't place a high value on UX design, this won’t suit you;
- If you are looking for a side-project, spending only 10 or 15 hours a week on this project, it won't suit you;
- If you think great communication is not all that important provided you can write great code, this won't suit you;
- If you are not very experienced with React then this definitely won’t suit you - it will be months, at best, for even a mid-level React developer to be contributing in a significant way to this project.


Okay, enough with the negatives and lets focus on the positives. Who WILL want this role?

- Someone who wants to be a cofounder but doesn't have a year or two to build a product before it is launched and generating revenue;
- Someone who is tired of building products for someone else and wants to be building something that they own;
- Someone who values open communication and extreme honesty highly, and cannot work in a team that doesn't share those values;
- Someone who wants to get involved in all aspects of the business, not just write code;
- Someone who loves our tech stack - Node, React, Postgres, and lots of high quality, third-party add ons such as Cloudinary, Algolia, Filestack, OneSignal, Sentry, and so on...
- Someone who is passionate about great UI/UX and wants to contribute to that part of the business.

And three more important, but slightly more obscure things:

- You will almost certainly love Reddit. We really want to make a slash in the Reddit community, and it will help a lot if you love that idea;
- You will possibly be a bit OCD. We're all about lists, and OCD people make good lists. They also care about the details, like writing good code and getting small UI details just right;
- You love video games. We are currently focusing on publishing lists related to video games, and if you love video games this is going to make this role even more enjoyable for you.


Interested? If you decide to apply, please answer the following questions:

- are you looking for a full-time or part-time role in the short-term?
- if part-time, is the goal to eventually make this your full-time position?
- are you in a position to work for a below market salary, at least for a few months?
- what is it about this role that most appeals to you?
- how many years have you been using React on a daily basis?

Again, this role won't be for everyone. But if it sounds perfect for you, I would love to talk.

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