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Cofounder with experience in publishing, media and community building

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Let's be honest... the odds that you and I are going to be perfect co-founders are low. But that doesn't mean it's impossible, so we should at least consider the idea that this might the start of something great. I'll keep an open mind if you will.

IMPORTANT: Please read the full description before applying (it’s amazing how many people here on AngelList don’t!). In your introductory note, please provide brief answers to the questions at the end of this description.

- Part-time or full-time co-founder role;
- Must have experience and passion in at two or three of the following: media, publishing, growth-hacking, influencer-marketing, community building, social media;
- Definitely requires much more than just some experience with social media and Adwords;
- The product is built (but can still be improved) - you can try using the link a few paragraphs down;
- Ideally based in Melbourne, Australia, but remote is possible if there is a great fit in almost every other area;
- Must have some startup experience and understand that a co-founder is much more than a team member with equity;
- You must really believe in the product, and after 15 minutes of playing around be already thinking of ideas on where you would like to see us go with it;
- Revenue does not currently support a full salary, but there is money for an extended trial for a great candidate - but I am NOT just looking for a contractor to help out in for a few months;
- Equity allocation will be VERY attractive as this is a true cofounder role, not just an early employee with a few shares!


This is a unique opportunity to join an early stage startup with a very well-engineered product, but still enormous scope to help us find true product-market fit. Because it is still early in our journey we can offer a very attractive equity allocation - in this case "cofounder" really does mean cofounder!

While Listium started as more of a productivity tool, we are pivoting to be a publishing platform, much like Medium, Pinterest, YouTube, etc.

In short, we want to be the best way to publish a list. (I know, it sounds like this should exist, but can you think of a site dedicated to nothing but publishing all types of lists?)

If you are like most people, when it comes to publishing a list (eg. a book list, a list of locations, recommendations, collections, etc) you would likely choose between using a spreadsheet (most likely Google Sheets) and a text document (blog post, forum post, etc).

Or you might use another tool like Google Maps (for a list of locations) or Pinterest (if images are important).

But none of those are designed purely to publish a list.

Here are some examples of lists that show the power of Listium: listium.com/@Marc/45637/marcs-favourite-lists

With your help, we’ll do the following:

- improve the messaging to make it clearer why Listium is the best option for publishing a list;
- better engage with our content creators and help them build an audience;
- identify micro-influencers within certain niches who can benefit from publishing on Listium;
- add new features to continue the pivot from productivity to publishing;
- explore partnerships with businesses that could benefit from using Listium as a publishing platform;
- AND, most importantly, work on the things that YOU believe will help the company... as co-founders, you and I are going to do this together.

Ideally, this will become a full-time role with a salary. To do that, we have to get some wins on the board to:
a) monetise; and/or
b) raise additional funds.

Finally, you must love the product and you must have your own ideas on where we could go with it. A strategy of "analyse existing users and do research to achieve product market fit" is the easy answer. I'm keen to hear about unique ideas of who we could target, how we'll approach them, what we'll pitch to them, how we'll engage with creators, etc, etc, etc. Get creative!

Most of all, we must get along well. We can learn new skills and hire people to fill in the gaps, but co-founders must get along well. If you like what you read here that's a good start, but nothing will replace spending a lot of time in person or on video calls as we get to know each other.



Please include the following:

- a few words on why you are interested in this specific role (not just a copy/paste of the note you attach to every other application)?
- what would you most like to focus on with Listium for the first 3 months that will help us get some quick wins?
- how many days a week you can currently allocate to Listium?
- how important is cash for you at the moment, and is there a minimum amount of cash you need to generate from Listium for a few months while we ramp up?

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