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Please read the full post before applying. (You'd be amazed how many people don't!).


Listium is a website (listium.com) and mobile app for creating, sharing and publishing lists on almost any topic. We like to think of it as:
* a simple and attractive alternative to Google Sheets; and
* a more structured and flexible alternative to Pinterest.

Initially we focused on the productivity uses of Listium, however we now want to spend a short period focusing heavily on testing the potential of Listium as a publishing platform. We are particularly interested in exploring how we might make Listium a valuable tool for users of Reddit and/or video gamers.

We are looking for a small number of enthusiastic interns (possibly up to 5) for a few hours each week to help with the following:

1. Create an active community of list creators on a range of topics, focusing initially on video gaming.

2. Create original content for Listium to demonstrate the value of the platform.

3. Administration of subreddits, and other social media accounts, to help spread the word about Listium.

Here are examples of the sort of gaming lists that we are interested in testing:

- listium.com/@thomasdavis/12739/witcher-3-quest-list
- listium.com/@jeremy/38255/hero-hunters-pumpkins-locations

In return for a few hours of your time each week, we are only able to pay a very modest retainer of $US50/week. We know this is not a lot of money, and in no way are we pretending that anyone would want to treat this as a job rather than an opportunity to learn.

The MAIN BENEFIT to interns will be to have inside access in how we are going about building Listium, and full access to the founders. You will get the chance to build on your experience in social media and forum administration with a real product and real users. We are a very small team and, after a short introductory period to make sure we are working well together, you will gain access to our Slack channels and have as much inside access as a cofounder.

There is no fixed period for the internship, and you can end it whenever you feel like you’ve stopped learning. The best performers MAY be offered longer term roles and equity in the company, however there are NO guarantees so please don’t apply on this basis! We also plan to raise additional capital if certain goals are met, and this may include crowdfunding or an ICO, and if this happens we’ll have additional opportunities to reward the team who helped us get there. Again, we can't promise anything! (We'd prefer to underpromise and then try to overdeliver.)

This role will not be for everyone. If money is important, you’ll find better opportunities elsewhere. However, if you have read the full ad and think this will be fun and that you might learn some valuable lessons, we should talk.

Additionally, we will provide a small budget for certain activities, and as much support/advice as you need to help you learn. For example, if you want to experiment with paid marketing (eg. boosted social media content) we will fund those for you. We will also provide other benefits to help you increase your online exposure, such as generous allocations of Reddit coins that you can use to reward other Redditors and build your reputation.

Before applying, please make sure you meet the following criteria and provide a short comment in response to each requirement to demonstrate your suitability.

* You MUST love lists
* You IDEALLY are an active video gamer and use lists to track game progress, catalogue your collection, create favourites lists, etc

* You MUST want to learn about startups.
* You IDEALLY have tried starting your own startup, even if you didn’t get too far.

* You MUST love the idea behind Listium.
* You IDEALLY have created a free account and published a list to get comfortable with our platform, and you know this is a product you can be passionate about.

* You MUST have a solid working knowledge of Reddit and understand the community standards, etc.
* You IDEALLY have experience as a moderator of an active subreddit.

* You MUST have experience on a range of social media platforms.
* You IDEALLY have built one or more active communities via social media.

* You MUST be more interested in learning during this internship than the money.
* You IDEALLY will quickly be able to make yourself invaluable to us, and we’ll have to talk about a larger involvement.

* You MUST be very self-motivated, creative, able to work well with others, and willing to looking for ways to contribute, rather than waiting to be told what to do.

As we keep saying, this role won’t be for everyone. We’ve made the criteria particularly long as we want you to be able to rule yourself out without getting in touch if this is clearly not right for you.

But if I haven’t been able to talk you out of this yet then let me know just how perfectly matched we are, and we’ll take it from there.

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