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Send Data Over Audio

Send Data Over Audio

LISNR is an advanced, near-ultrasonic, ultra-low power data transmission technology that enables fast, reliable, and secure communication between devices that have a speaker and/or microphone. Acting as a local proxy for data transmission, our technology is removing the need for complex, expensive, and power-consuming RF or audio fingerprinting-based technologies. LISNR is the creator of a proprietary, near-ultrasonic protocol that sends data-over-audio. Originally called Smart Tones™ in 2012, our audio technology has evolved into the KAB® (Kilo Audio Bit) which transmits data at 1,000 bits/sec. LISNR®’s protocol sends data-over-audio across bandwidths (12-19 kHz) that are audible or inaudible, depending on use case and distribution method, to ensure optimal performance. Additional performance enhancements include tone types and profiles, optimized for varying payload and environment characteristics of the actual use case.
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