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Always Know Where Your Things Are™

Always Know Where Your Things Are™


Linquet is an ambitious 'Internet of Things' company focused on linking your physical world to you, and to the people and places in your life ( linquet.com ). Linquet makes sure you always know where your things are and can securely share your items with anyone. We are a small team solving big problems and building some really cool stuff. We already have customers in more than 40 countries and we're just getting started.

We are based out of beautiful Vancouver, Canada, and looking for a creative and passionate full stack developer who can jump in and make an impact from day one. We’re a small team solving big problems and we want only question-asking envelope-pushing challenge-loving players on our team. So, if you're smart, crazy and fun, come build the 'Internet of Things' with us!

Software Engineer

Engineer & Entrepreneur. Founder of @Linquet. Started multiple startups, exited a few. Obsessed with Internet of *Things*. Love to build & help build companies.