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Linqia combines the science and accountability of online media with award-winning service.



Maria Sipka

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Co Founder at Linqia, Founding team and COO at XING, Founder Cherry Communications


Taylor Winslow

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We're hiring at Linqia: https://linqia.com/about/careers/
I'm a VP of Product Management that excels at delighting the user while driving company growth.

Brooke Wells

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Worked at Linqia

Ranjit Khanuja

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Software Engineer at Linqia

Eileen Bernardo

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Marketing & Communication professional. NYU & UCSD alumna. Sports lover (49ers, SF Giants, Warriors).

Lily Maxwell

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A driven and motivated product manager looking to expand my skillset by owning a new product.

Rob Goulding

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Mike Butruce

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Brand Success at Linqia; Formerly Digital Marketing at Fitblok

Connie Lewis

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Board members and advisors

@WaytoWellville (executive founder). Prolific Investor. @23andMe @Evernote, @Flickr, @Meetup, Square, chairman of EDventure, Release 1.0.

Nader Alizadeh

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Former team

Kristin Hersant

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Megan Ring

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Craig Stoe

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vincent menahem

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Marco Lazzeri

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Adrienne Healey

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