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Energy Saving Home Automation

Energy Saving Home Automation

Linq: Drastically lower energy bills by 25%, and no more thermostat wars. You are paying for unused energy. Your HVAC system is trying to heat and cool your entire home at once. The result: high summer electricity bills, and huge winter gas bills. Linq provides the solution current smart thermostats can't: Drastically lower energy bills, and no more thermostat wars by managing each room independently with our smartVent technology. These smartVents communicate with a hub that speaks to our thermostat or Nest through their API. Homeowners, housing developers, and utility companies rejoice, Linq is here. 70% of the 133 million residences in America have an HVAC system, Linq has shown to save the average home over 25% on their total energy usage, $500 per year savings. Linq uses proprietary hardware, and self optimizing predictive modeling algorithms that learns your usage patterns and continually improves efficiency.

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Founder Linq. Studied at BYU as Chemical Engineer. Lead Mechanical Engineer in Bio 3D printing Organs at BYU. Code, rapid prototyping, lean startup.