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Looking for A-Level Programmers

Developer Experienced with SharePoint "Share Links"

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Looking for a developer who already has experience reading, modifying and creating SharePoint's "share links" — links to files stored in SharePoint which contain various permissions as to who can use that link to access the file targeted by the link.

The consultant must already *have development experience with these SharePoint links.

This should be a very easy contract for a developer with the right experience in this area of SharePoint.

We can use CSOM for this work, or perhaps you can recommend a different Microsoft library that will serve our particular needs.

This may be a development job or it may be a job consulting our development team. Let's discuss details and see what works best.

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Looking for A-Level Programmers

LinkTek focuses on Enterprise Software. Their company has offices in Clearwater. They have a mid-size team that's between 51-200 employees.

You can view their website at https://www.linktek.com

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