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Links Life is a lifestyle golf brand that celebrates the humor, fun and camaraderie of the game

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- We are a non performance golf brand and there isn't much competition within this niche at this point. - We celebrate the humor and fun of the game. Historically brands have been very serious so that's one of they key aspects that separates us from the competition. - We have the name Links Life trademarked and believe the name in itself captures a wide audience from junior golfers to the baby boomers who enjoy the sport.
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Looking for an equity partner who has website development/marketing skills for golf brand Links Life

Posted 4 months ago
  • Someone who is passionate about the game of golf and has some experience developing a brand.
  • Someone who is willing to put in 15% of all costs moving forward as it pertains to the expenses of developing the website, advertising & inventory cost. The other 3 partners will pay the rest.