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The navigational solution to the complexity that is the mental health system.

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UTM Students: did you know have $2500 to see a private therapist ($125 max per limit). That's 20 sessions.

There's a good chance you knew about the counseling centre on campus, but you didn't know that. You wouldn't be alone. Over 80% of students don't know that they have private mental health insurance through their student union. That means you can see a therapist that you're able to choose and have it paid for you.

Want to help us spread the word? This volunteer position is for you (stipend to be provided).

About Us:

Our own experiences looking for help led to months of wait times and constant obstacles, whether for ourselves or loved ones. The current process leaves people paralyzed and overwhelmed, sometimes with dire consequences. That didn’t make sense to us. LinkMentalHealth is the navigational solution to the complexity that is the mental health system.

We've connected 1000+ people to mental health services, regardless of what they can afford. A person seeking support goes on the website, answers a few questions that may lead us to know what type of health coverage they have, as well as the type of therapist they're looking for. These are factors such as ethnicity, sexual orientation, specialty; things that are often ignored for under-represented communities. They're then connected to therapists that match, and they're connected directly to the calendars of therapists, reducing the process from months to minutes.

Job Description & Qualifications

• Current student on the UTM campus
• Able to contribute 8-12 hours a week, and start immediately.
• Passionate about helping their peers and making mental health navigation easier
• Outgoing personality with a willingness to represent the company as a brand ambassador
• Eager to learn and contribute to strategy
• Past experience working in student groups, societies and unions is an asset
• Looking for someone who doesn't just plan, but executes

Why You Should Work With Us

• We’re a mental health company and our culture reflects that (humor's part of company DNA)
• Stipend to be provided but this is heavily volunteer based
• Learning opportunity by being engaged in a fast-growing startup
• Flexibility to delve into multiple roles, even if it's one you're unfamiliar with and want to try
• Volunteers who have worked with us have gone on to find jobs in their field within a couple months, 2 hired internally (4 total so far with the help of our references)