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The navigational solution to the complexity that is the mental health system.

Full Stack Developer (Ideally Transition to Technical Lead)

$30k – $70k • 15.0% – 30.0%
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Job Purpose:

We’re looking for a hungry and dynamic full-stack developer with a burning passion for the back-end. This position would ideally grow into technical lead. We’ve validated the need with traction and paying customers, including 2 large companies (5000+ employees). We’re looking to take the next leap- let’s fix the complicated mental health system together, all while continuing to build a healthy and highly profitable company.

Why You Should Work With Us:

• Salary and equity to compensate the difference in pay (to be discussed case by case)
• We’re a mental health company and our culture reflects that (humor's part of company DNA)
• Health insurance with favorable per practitioner amount
• High potential: $500 million industry in Canada, 35 times the size in the US
• Join a company that's still relatively early but has proven the model, reap the rewards as we grow
• You're as excited as we are about using technology to help others, and doing it well

Job Description & Qualifications

• Ability to put architect hat on but eager and hungry to code in order to execute
• Data encryption knowledge and understanding- at rest, in transit
• Understand framework of syncing calendars (including calsync API’s): past experience is an asset
• Ability to quickly work with API’s: Google products, widgets, secure video chat integration, etc
• Ensure security of platform
• Enhancing platform to improve quality, higher up-time of the application, scalability
• Participate in full app life-cycle: concept, design, build, deploy, test and release
• Ability to triage and fix bugs, replicate and document the behavior

Extras, If Interested in Leadership:

• Recruit, coach and mentor tech talent
• Building and continuously enhancing the coding culture of the company
• Streamline the feature deployment pipeline
• Contribute to high-level decisions of general company strategy
• Reassess current architecture and minimize any technical debt

Stack Used:

• Back-end: Node.js, Ajax, Python (will look towards integrating AI)
• Front-end: HTML, CSS, React.js
• Heroku (to be transitioned into server that focuses on PHIPA)
• MongoDB
• Git
• Google domain (understanding of sub-domains an asset)