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Human-powered language learning

Human-powered language learning

Linguistic is an award-winning language learning and exchange platform that teaches foreign languages through real-world exposure. Unlike other language exchange apps, Linguistic hand-matches you each week with a select number of native speakers per week, catered to your current skill level. While chatting, you can look up and study words, phrases, and even grammar patterns from your partner's messages with the tap of your finger.

Best of all, we never quiz you. Our system automatically calculates your unique proficiency levels based on your chat history and pits it against the proficiency of real native speakers. We then use this information to improve your matches and recommend foreign content, such as movies and music, specifically catered to your skill level.

At the end of the day, Linguistic is the only language system that actually prepares you for real-world communication by building a curriculum based on the real world :)

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Founder @ Linguistic. Full-Stack Developer & Designer. WPI '17.
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