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A brand new way to learn a language

A brand new way to learn a language

Collect new words from across the web with Lingua.ly's smart dictionary. Use your new vocab as you read real articles you choose. Immersion is the ultimate way to learn a language, and Lingua.ly’s free, online learning platform uses “digital immersion” to give you all the same benefits no matter where you learn. 

Our patent pending algorithm understands your vocabulary to fill your feed with real articles from the web to suit both your level and interests. Better still, we let you practice your new words through fun games and quizzes. So, give your vocabulary a boost, create some colorful flashcards, keep your mind engaged and explore the web in a new language with Lingua.ly

Learn English, French, Spanish, Arabic, Hebrew, Dutch, Italian, Portuguese, German and Russian. 

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Language enthusiast. Co-Founder at @Lingua.ly. Studied at Hebrew U and Stanford U.

Jan Ihmels

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Co-Founder @Lingua.ly • Studied at @University of Cambridge, Ph.D. Weizmann Institute.
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