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Access interest free line of funds without credit-history, pay-slips or credit-scores

Sr. FullStack Developer - Immediate Hire

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What do we do

Re-inventing credit for millennials and GenZ's like us by delivering it instantly on an app for a monthly subscription, payable as you get paid but without income or credit restrictions.

The problem

Growing population of GenZ and Millennials (1B) are in essential jobs with non-standard work arrangements , including over 50M in the US. They need frequent access to affordable credit to deal with frequent monthly income variance. Credit finance companies like One Main Financial are the only easily accessible option today, charging $300 for a $500 loan.

The solution

Up to 10% of your cashflow on your smart phone for $5.99/month, no interest, income or credit checks. Use it whenever and wherever you need it e.g. existing bank accounts, everyday merchants, monthly bills etc. Pay as you get paid.


● A female led user-base of over 25000 growing at 100%Month on Month.
● Commercial pilot with Western Union who has 60M customers that overlap with our users, in the works.
● Commercial pilot with Gig-Wage, rapidly growing gig-payroll provider for SME's with over 50,000 users.

Where do you come into the picture?

You will come in as a team member of our constantly growing Technology team in SF and India. As a software engineer you will be working with the core team (CTO, CEO, Dir. of Product & Principal Data Scientist) improving product features based on consumer needs and merchant partner needs. You will need to be collaborative as a team member and always be willing to share the knowledge with colleagues. You’re unafraid to ask for a help if needed because we have many bright minds here. You take our applications, platform & products to next level scalability by writing clean, simple and maintainable code - you will be actively mentoring and reviewing young tech talent in our teams to do so to! Ccuriosity and constant learning are a mainstay of your personal code!

Also, You won’t be working in a standard tech shop in the payments space. Where else would you get to work on cool stuff like – Geo Agnostic GraphQL Powered Serverless Stack, Homegrown Multi-factor Stage Gated Fraud & Risk Deterrant, Neural Risk Engine, Predictive Non-Performing Asset Index and more.

What would a day at Line look like?

• You will be developing Mobile Applications with complex user interfaces (React-Native)

• You will develop a highly modular system that embodies the separation of concern principle, consume GraphQL endpoints and fine-tune for different platforms.

• You will play an active role in implementation of security and data protection. We take privacy very seriously and do not store any PII data on our servers.

• You will be a member of our Scrum development team to deliver technology solutions in an Agile team which include, backlog grooming sprint planning, standups, and sprint retrospectives.

• You will design, analyze, code, test, and deploy applications to satisfy business requirements for large, complex projects.

• You will adhere to firm-wide architecture standards, risk management and security policies.

• You will ensure quality and completeness of the product through unit testing, documentation and maintenance as appropriate

• You will balance application development and application support need

What expertise & experiences would you need to have to play this kind of role?

• 3+ Yrs Solid knowledge of developing Mobile Apps with a minimum of 2 years of working with React-Native

• Strong proficiency in JavaScript, ability to write clean code adhering to ES6+.

• Strong & thorough understanding of React-Native, and its core principles.

• Strong and thorough understanding of either iOS(Objective-C/Swift) or Android(JAVA/Kotlin).

• Experience with popular React workflows such as Redux,Redux-saga, Redux Forms. Realm experience would be great.

• Familiarity with RESTful APIs

• Familiarity with modern build pipelines and tools like Jenkins, Circle CI, Travis.

• High coding standards - understanding of test coverage best practices and implementing them using Jest and Enzyme.

• Familiar with Continuous Delivery approach

• Familiar with App distribution Process for both iOS and Android.

• Experience with Distributed and Concurrent Systems, knowing the tradeoffs between stateful/stateless and synchronous/asynchronous architectures

• Passion about technology and its relationship with product and user experience

• Ability to work independently - identify problems, create plans and implement solutions to them • Broad understanding of the concept of minimum viable product (MVP)

• Customer is at the heart of everything you do and this empathy drives all decision you make

• Ability to articulate complex and technical concepts to non-technical audiences

• Knowledge/interest in payment platforms, foreign exchange & highly complex systems

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Meet your team

People you would work with in this role
14+ years of technology leadership experience in designing and implementing Tech & Product strategy and building Engineering organizations from the ground up.

Unlimited - parental - leave

The parental situation is not the same for everyone! As parents we get it and hence have instituted unlimited parental-leave.

Work-from-home friendly

Employees can work from anywhere they feel comfortable and productive!

Vacay any day

Yes! Vacay Any Day. All of us get burned out sometimes, take a break if you need it - that simple!

Never work hungry!

Forgot lunch? Working late? Need to grab a bite? Just do it and submit expenses for reimbursement.

Get a workout on us!

Pursuing a healthy lifestyle? We dig it! Go grab a pass and let us know, we'll reimburse it for you.

Need a ride? we got you!

Need to uber to work? Car is in the shop? Don't even think twice. Grab a ride and submit expenses for reimbursement.

Line at a glance

Access interest free line of funds without credit-history, pay-slips or credit-scores

Line focuses on Financial Services, Payments, Retail Technology, Mobile Payments, and Finance Technology. Their company has offices in San Francisco, Bengaluru, Pune, Kolkata, and Ho Chi Minh City. They have a small team that's between 1-10 employees.

You can view their website at https://useline.com or find them on Twitter, Facebook, and LinkedIn.

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