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Product Manager

$115k - $135k • No equity
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-Fully remote position, hours flexible
-Based within United States

We are looking for an entrepreneurial Product Manager with a background in user design and user experience who is passionate about the opportunity to make a big impact on democracy and the US government. You can learn more about Lincoln Network here joinlincoln.org

An Ideal Candidate Exhibits…
Product Design Chops
You moved into Product Management from a previous user experience designer position. You are familiar with focusing on delivering value to the end customer and grasp user-centered design.You can tell the difference between good and bad user experience and associated metrics.

Accountability and Ownership
You will fully own the product strategy and tactical execution of all your client work owning not only the inputs but the outputs as well as an outside “Chief Product Officer” for our clients.

Quantitative Focus
You approach design and product with an emphasis on key performance indicators, hypothesis driven development, and rapid iteration.

Industry Trends & Best Practices
Stay up to date of trends and emerging channels. Identify and deliver innovative opportunities to bring fresh, creative thinking to ensure Deployed leverages technology in surprising and provocative ways.

Work closely with the in-house Deployed technology team and leveraging Lincoln’s broad 20,000 tech expert community diverse experience to drive superior client outcomes.

Communication Ability
Clear and concise communication is key to success in this role. You will fully own communication not only with clients but with Deployed team members and your technical team.

-Meet with clients and determine requirements for consulting projects
-Design solutions that is fresh, new, and challenging to the client that maximize deliverable value
-Create project/execution plans to deliver on and complete client commitments
-Own the delivery of the product and quality standards
-Clearly communicate status updates, expectation setting, deliverables etc. with clients and other members of the Lincoln Deployed team
-Work collaboratively to deliver best in class service to our clients
-You will help source and sign new client work as an early member of the team, helping own the relationship from beginning to end
-Functionally your work may include the following
-Wireframing new web and mobile experience for clients
-Creating redline analysis of client web and mobile products
-Conducting user experience research studies
-Leveraging online services such as usertesting.com to run sentiment analysis on client designs
-Running quantitative experiments to validate hypothese, such as AB tests
-Managing design and re-branding projects for clients
-Doing quantitative analysis of web/mobile analytics data and surfacing key actionable conclusions
-Helping client teams develop organizational processes that identify and address bottlenecks with the goal of increasing team throughput. This could include but is not limited to Implementing agile management tools and creating process maps of workflows
-Help conceive of, design and launch new products for clients - this may include creating go-to-market strategies.

Experience and Skills Needed:
-2+ years of experience in either product management or similar field
-2+ years of experience as a “full stack designer” - user research, UX, and UI
-Familiarity with Lean Startup and Lean UX processes
-Experience with consulting work is a bonus
-Functional understanding of basic web and mobile technologies
-Fluent in web based analytics and comfort with quantitative analysis
-Any CS skills are highly appreciated but not required

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