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Live Marketing Automation


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Mark Edwards

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Experience in technology growth businesses, product dev., M&A & fundraising. Raised VC fund (No 8 Ventures) w/ exits in US, UK, Australia, Israel and NZ.

Leo Chan

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Oracle alum (87-96), Zip2 alum, first employee at multiple startups building and leading engineering teams. SM MIT, BS Johns Hopkins University

Damian Manning

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Hacker, investor & serial entrepreneur. Founder & CEO, @HIFI. Venture Partner, @DEV. Co-founder & CEO, @Echospin (acquired '10). VP, Digital, MTV. 20+ patents.

Ryan Kennedy

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Experienced angel investor, member if Sand Hill Angels and founding member of The Batchery.

iGan Partners

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iGan Partners invests in emerging tech companies in digital health and B2B SaaS

Anton Neschadim

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PhD/MBA with strong expertise in biotechnology, life sciences.

Alexandre Nossovskoi

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Startup enthusiast, growth expert, and former VC.

Frank Willemsen

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Worked at @Cisco, @EDS

Kuljeev Singh

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CEO & Co-Founder at ResQ | Ex-VC at iGan Partners | Restaurant Owner at Kanga Foods
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