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Simple, accessible micromobility for all



Hacker & engineering leader. Co-founded LimeBike. Joined Facebook & Square 2+ years before their IPO, left 1+ year after. Ph.D. in computer science.

Brad Bao

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Managing Partner at Kinzon Capital (Fosun Group), ex-General Manager of Tencent US branch (8 years); Internet expert of both US and China market

Toby Sun

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Bike enthusiast. Passionate to revolutionize urban mobility and solve the first and last mile transportation challenges!


Amrit Bhatti

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Max Butler

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Recruiting Leader @ LendUp

Caroline Li

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Building robust and diverse engineering teams
Recruiting Finance and Legal Professionals at Lime

Jacob Fink

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Currently studying Industrial and Systems Engineering at the University of Washington, and working to developing a professional career in the engineering field.

Tessa Jenkins

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Worked at LimeBike (Bikeshare Company). Experience with Talent Acquisition. Went to Loyola University of Chicago, University Of Illinois At Urbana Champaign

Konrad Coetzee

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Worked at LimeBike (Bikeshare Company)

Jerrome Milton

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Worked at Lime bike, warehouse worker. Experience with Inventory, Packer, Security

Leila Najafi

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Tech marketer and community builder with 8 yrs of experience building an engaged community through content, influencer partnerships, and digital initiatives.

Max Butler

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Recruiting & Hiring

faraaz naqvi

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Former team

Evan Trowbridge

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Yasser Elhari

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