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AI for Mental Health

AI for Mental Health

The world's first emotion-detection AI for wearables. $1 trillion: Annual cost of depression and anxiety in lost productivity. 750 million: Workdays lost due to mental illness. 1 in 5: Proportion of adults in the US that experience mental illness in a given year. Two thirds: Fraction of people with a known mental disorder who never get help. 800,000: Number of people who took their own life this year. Mental health is a growing problem, fuelled by social media and unhealthy online behaviour. But technology is not inherently ‘bad’. What if it was more human? We’re developing a scalable solution to the growing mental health problem. Our AI therapy assistant supports clinicians extract meaning from patient data, and provides personalised support to patients in-the-moment. Meanwhile, our data moat is helping us develop new machine learning models to predict clinical scores of depression and anxiety from passively collected 'digital biomarkers'. We're working with >100 clinics to take on mental illness, and we're only getting stronger. Come and join us!

Backend (node.js) developer

Clinical Psychologist/CBT Therapist

Product designer

Maker turned entrepreneur
CEO/CSO of Limbic. Neuroscientist with a PhD + MRes from UCL, and MA from Cambridge.