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GM (NYC) - Italian Slow Food Culture Start-Up

$55k – $60k • 0.5% – 1.0%
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Sine Quibus Non:

This process is intense, requires high energy, attention to detail, diligence, and will take some time to explore so read thoroughly and respond as per instructions or please do not apply.


Do you have experience in launching and rolling-out multi-units/shops in retail?

As a start-up, you must have a strong, intense work ethic. One of our financial objectives is to create a liquidity event, probably an IPO, between year 5-7 so this is a MISSION, not a job.

We are a simple Italian health and social sustainability food service start-up that will roll-out beginning in NYC. We will then perfect the model and will open approx. 39 shops in NYC within 3 years. NYC will serve as the springboard for national expansion (669 shops within 10 years), and beyond.

First Entrant, Simple, Scalable, Timely, Socially Sustainable Solution to a Big and Growing National and Increasingly International HEALTH & INEQUALITY Problem


Current and growing health problems associated with poor eating habits (contributing to obesity, diabetes, etc.) afflict everyone in one way or another where fast-food prevails and fast-food prevails virtually everywhere AND income inequality particularly in the food service sector make it virtually impossible for hard working people to work their way out of poverty.


Lilly’s authentic, truly unique, and as first entrant, disruptive solution to the health crisis arising from poor eating habits is a keenly focused product offering consisting of a few simple high quality, healthier, appealing and tasty old world charm ITALIAN “snack” foods as found in a typical small (approx. 1,500 sf) Italian bread bakery shop (panificio) on a mostly retail take-out basis (NOT full-service restaurant), and service that connects with customers. Simple and inviting yet elegant Italian store design / panache, and emphasis on social sustainability will position Lilly’s as a compelling healthier “SLOW FOOD” cultural alternative to “fast food” inspiring customers with better eating habits that contribute to better health facilitating a more fulfilling life. Tasty, healthier offerings satisfy the palate contributing to portion control. We will do our part to combat poverty and income inequality by paying employees a living wage (social sustainability).


Leverage our simplicity and uniqueness so as to scale and create a brand quickly. We will roll-out in NYC, then perfect the model and open approx. 39 shops in NYC within 3 years. NYC will serve as the springboard for national expansion (669 shops within 10 years), and eventually internationally.

In your COVER note, a) describe yourself, b) your possible interest, c) skills, d) expectations, e) if you need to leave your current position, by what date and if you do not need to leave your current position, by what date would you like to make a change, f) would you dedicate the necessary time for due diligence, i.e., read lots of stuff, get to know us and we get to know you, g) contact info., etc., h) describe why we are a good fit, and i) send your FULLY UPDATED ACCURATE RESUME.

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