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Mobile-first Slack for niche communities

Mobile-first Slack for niche communities

Despite the availability of a plethora of social media platforms, people are becoming more and more lonely. Social media platforms are too public and every time people express themselves, they are constantly evaluated with the count of likes, shares, upvotes, views, etc. Most meaningful conversations happen in real-time when people interested in a topic express themselves without bothering about those who are not part of the conversation. In an increasingly digital world, people are building private communities on instant messaging platforms in the quest for this experience but have to compromise a lot. - Deeper conversations create lots of spam for people not interested in the topic - Too many notifications in active communities force people to mute the groups - Multiple conversations happening in parallel makes it difficult to follow the relevant ones - In larger/growing communities, members don't have enough background about each other - There are no tools to support community building LikeMinds’s mission is to reduce human loneliness by helping people build or discover highly engaging communities. LikeMinds helps communities engage deeper by enabling real-time conversations between relevant members in shared chat rooms, which dramatically reduces spam and fosters collaboration. While members have a community-specific profile that helps them know each other better, community managers have access to custom tools for community growth and engagement.

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