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Predicting Future Events

Predicting Future Events

Our business is Intelligence As A Service.

Our product is called Likely Sellers, and predicts which property owners will have a desire to sell within the next 90 days.

Our mission is to disrupt the fake lead economy, by creating an entirely new category of AI based lead generation and market intelligence.

Our IP is developed using a variety of machine learning models, deep learning models, and big data to solve this highly unbalanced classification problem that many have tried to solve, and failed. The precision and recall achieved by our models is an industry first!

Our GTM is based on being an API first company where our product will be delivered via API, or SFTP, to Lenders, Real Estate Investors, Real Estate Brokerages and Real Estate Technology companies.

Our Clients can purchase by either selecting a geography they care about or by providing us a list of property addresses they care about. We then identify the Likely Sellers and return them with associated data elements.

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Brad McDaniel

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Founded Likely.ai, Founded RealAgile; 1 patent co-inventor; Texas Christian University BA; Strong product development, business background

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