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Partners Resolute

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Ad Astra, Per Aspera — Resolute Partners Resolute Alternative Partners Resolute Venture Partners Seed—Resolute

Judd Morgenstern

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Design Thinking && Venture Investing @Partners Resolute. PE ⤑ UX ⤑ VC. Former @Valor Equity Partners, @Adaptive Path + @Nike design consultant.

Heather Hund

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Stanford MBA // Investor // Startup Consultant + Advisor

Robin Bot-Miller

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Nomad/investor - particularly intrigued by sustainable businesses with a "long-term greedy" approach to delivering value for customers, employees and investors.

Kevin Raheja

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VP Business Development & Sales @Typeform . Formerly @HubSpot & @Groupon . Angel Investor, startup advisor. Founder @Automagical.ai

Zach Snader

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Connecting the master builders of tomorrow with the resources they need today.

Jamie Bate

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Software Engineer at Balloonr.com

Alejandro Vivanco

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Associate at TMX Group
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