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In 2008, the capital markets broke. Society now bears the cost of systemic failure.

In 2011, movements such as Occupy Wall Street were unsuccessful in articulating a solution to the risks of trusted money centers and economic centralization.

Today, Bitcoin and blockchains are replaying the history of money -- but this time with minimal trust.

Our first project is straight out of the Middle Ages. The Lightning Network allows for correspondent payments and financial settlement, but without custodial trust.

For financial institutions such as investment banks, trust is their margin. Removing the need for trust is the most powerful disintermediator.

Eliminating trust eliminates banks' roles in powering the economy, while also removing the impact of their misallocations on our society.

Our mission is to build the software which rewrites the structure and role of capital itself so it can better serve humanity.

We enable entirely new classes of industries and products which previously lacked viability due to custodial underwriting and other transaction costs -- from pay-per-article micropayments, to high-volume atomic cross-product settlement.