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Collect user opinions soon as they form

Collect user opinions soon as they form

Lightcat is an in-context feedback system.

It helps product managers conduct user research, at scale, within the customer journey.

It does so by replacing boring email-surveys with snappy, one click polls that can be placed onto the customer journey itself and be highly targeted.

Lightcat is flexible like customer interviews, scalable like surveys and has a very high response rate (4x of typical surveys).

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Ahmed Zain

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Co-founder at LightCat, a growth experiment management system. Early team member @ several startups with 7 yrs of experience in marketing across B2B, B2C & ecom
Cofounder LightCat | Created @HandyTrain (120K users) | Founded @Clusto(20K signups), @GuitarStreet (5K users), @EduLabs Learning Solutions