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reimagine photography | currently hiring http://light.co/jobs



current project: co-founder of light—creative technologists on a mission to reimagine the art and science of photography


Rob Bajohr

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Kelly Van Arsdale

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Customer-focused entrepreneur fascinated with new and innovative technologies. Driven by incredible customer experiences.

Kartheek Chandu

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Camera Systems Leader

Felix Tsao

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Excited about cameras, computer vision and 3D printing. Image Quality Engineer at Light and Intern at NASA.

Laine Branch

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Jiamin Bai

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Scientific Research at Light

Tim Watrous

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Manu Sharma

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Marketing, biz dev and ops @Light Previously @Bain & Company @Vodafone @MIT Sloan School of Management MBA @University of Auckland Mechatronics

Susie Fishman

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Talent Acquisition Manager

Board members and advisors

Josh Anon

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Experienced startup PM. XR advocate. Photographer. Ex-Head of Product @ robotics startup, director PM at Magic Leap, Lytro PM, & Pixar TD.

Rajiv Laroia

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Former team

Bradley Lautenbach

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Adrianna Tan

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Neeraj Tayal

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Kari Pulli

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Michael Rubin

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