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Machine Learning Personalization

Machine Learning Personalization

LiftIgniter is an machine learning personalization company based in San Francisco, Ca. We produce, after a 5 minute integration, dramatic improvements (80% - 300%) in click-through-rate (CTR), engagement, and conversion.  The goal: real-time, personalized, 1:1 "recommendations" for each user impression. Everyone is unique. Algorithms provide the best, unique experience.

Websites and apps have a problem: engagement.  Reason: attention is fickle and there is always another website or app that can provide the information your user wants.  You have to hook them immediately.  How?  The power of machine learning enables LiftIgniter to review, in real time, hundreds of millions of features to determine the perfect piece of content to show each user at each point in time.  This means greater engagement, happier users (and more likely to return), more clicks on content, more ad revenue, and reduced spend on marketing.  

Vipul Naik

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Investor in @Blueseed.

Adam Spector

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Product @Twitter Chief Revenue Office @Datalogue Co-founder @LiftIgniter Advisor @Dispatchr Co-Founder & CEO @Virtrue • Worked at @Symantec, @Clearwell

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