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Banking that has your back



Ryan King

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Technology Executive & Entrepeneur. Co-founder/CTO of @chimebank. Early employee / VP Eng of @Plaxo, MSCS @Stanford, Angel Investor

Chris Britt

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Co-founder & CEO @chimebank, Worked at @Green Dot, Investor in @Earnin, Investor @Fuze Network (acquired by Ingo Money)


Jamie Jacobs

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Justin Lee

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Dakota Betts

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Talent at Chime

Vivekananda Ponnaiyan

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Built the Data Science and Machine Learning teams at Chime from scratch in SF. Lead team at BMW Deep Learning based Driving Policy and ex-Bloomberg.

Micha Bitton

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Jeff Winter

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Sierra Eschrich

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Head of People Operations @chimebank - Dog mom to Otter the Goldendoodle - Advocate of inclusion & equality - Graduate of @University of Michigan

Tony Deweese

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Full-stack marketer with technical chops and a love for email. Focused on building user-centric email programs spanning the entire life cycle.

Jay Parekh

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Anna Kusyk

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Senior Software Engineer

Monchette Gonda

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Growth Manager - Lifecycle at @chimebank. Freelance Writer & Content Marketer. Studied at @Stanford University. Ex Pre-Med.
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Former team

Jacob Hartog

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Dave Darby

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Tatiana Gonzalez

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Katrina Glerum

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Joey Trevino

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Eric Lewis

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