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Licas Ventures is a leading venture capital firm that invests in people and their companies from the earliest days through all phases of private company growth. We help our Founders to build legendary companies spurring them to push the boundaries of what’s possible.
We want to understand entrepreneurs as individuals, appreciate their originality and play to their strengths since we believe that great entrepreneurs change the world for the better.
In almost 10 years we supported more than 15 StartUp ideas and small business to help our Founders to deliver exceptional products and services still following their real passion, because in life, when you do things with passion and real love, you can't get it wrong.
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Venture Capital Analyst - Internship

Posted 1 month ago
  • Who Are We - A team of seasoned business professionals in different industries who gathered together in the same boat to navigate the seven seas of business and entrepreneurship.
  • Why We Do It - We believe businesses, startups and innovative ideas are what move the world and society forward, creating opportunities, evolution and fostering happiness.