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Helping patients take their next breath using respiratory muscle stimulation

Helping patients take their next breath using respiratory muscle stimulation

Mechanical ventilation is a life-saving intervention for patients with respiratory failure. However, it also causes considerable respiratory muscle weakness, which is predominant in the 1.1M EU and US patients that have difficulty weaning from ventilator support each year. These patients suffer from significant health complications, such as pneumonia, and cost the US health care system approximately $16 billion annually. New methods that target respiratory muscle weakness during mechanical ventilation are sorely needed. Liberate Medical's first product, VentFree, is a non-invasive electrical muscle stimulator that is combined with a breathing sensor to apply stimulation to the abdomen during exhalation. It will be used for thirty minutes per day by respiratory therapists throughout the mechanical ventilation weaning process to rehabilitate the respiratory muscles that have become weakened during the proceeding period of mechanical ventilation.

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Founder Liberate Medical, Potentia Pharmaceuticals, Apellis Pharmaceuticals, PhD Organic Chemistry at the University of Montreal, Post-Doc at Harvard University

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CEO / Founder Liberate Medical. PhD @University of Glasgow in Liberate's core technology. NSF grant awardee. US patent holder.