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Bridging the gap between offline and online retail

Bridging the gap between offline and online retail

liateR is an interactive sales solution for brands and retailers in the apparel and accessories market. liateR’s approach is based on advanced voice recognition, gesture detection, and augmented reality technologies to create an environment where consumers can digitally try on and buy clothing in a variety of contexts and locations. From the comfort of their living room to the front of the shopping window at their favorite store, consumers can experience a unique shopping experience. liateR combines data that is automatically acquired from each user (including age, gender, mood) with data from the interaction of the user inside the virtual fitting room in order to deliver customer-centric content. Content is delivered in two ways: i) by recommending specific sets of products, and ii) through tailor-made offers. We believe that the future of shopping is a combination of digital and physical experiences; our mission is to make it happen using really cool technologies.

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Marianna Vakalopoulou

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Marketing and Sales manager @liateR HCI enthousiast, worked in the fashion industry for more than a decade.

Antonis Argyros

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Vice President Product & Marketing at SafeSize, Chief Executive Officer at liateR


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