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We decentralize safety-critical functions and centralize speed-critical functions. We are the only decentralized exchange providing leveraged trading as well as a decentralized ecosystem. We provide ETH/USD futures and other derivatives in addition to ERC20 spot trading.

Most DEX projects have failed for obvious reasons: low liquidity and poor UX (user experience). They are academic in the sense that they are focused on discovery and knowledge generation. They focus mainly on protocol research and ignore UX. This results in a platform where stop orders and sometimes even market orders are not possible or reliable, latencies are intolerable, and usability is extremely poor.

We have always been a DEX in progress, but we simply won't compromise on the UX as we are not interested in simply proving a point. Poor UX quickly leads to poor liquidity, which leads to lack of adoption. Current operational DEXs are simply fatiguing and have left users desperate for a better option. Our product has always been created to be highly responsive and we won't compromise.
We focus on UX first and prioritize a solid, stable platform with liquid markets, fills without slippage, stops that are highly reliable, provable compliance, security and privacy. Our goal is to have an industrial strength market that extends decentralization as technology progresses without compromising on an enjoyable trading experience.

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