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Leverege is a forward-leaning software startup that develops simple, human-centric solutions with fully integrated products built to handle complex Internet of Things problems. Our team has been developing intelligent products for smart devices for decades and was founded by successful serial entrepreneur Eric Conn and fellow engineer Steven Lee in July 2014. We built the first‐ever US air defense system and delivered it to the Air Force and NORAD immediately after 9/11. We’ve designed commercial data management platforms (DMPs) for the online advertising market, processing petabytes of consumer data each day and improving ad performance for Fortune 500 companies. We’ve even licensed technology to Google and YouTube that directly serves billions of online ads via their AdSense and AdWords networks. Our team strives to push the boundaries in the IoT industry. We have a flat organizational structure and everyone at our company wears many different hats. We are comprised of everything from engineers and designers to operations and sales managers -- we believe in and value our employees and therefore we strive to make the best work environment possible with an emphasis on open and honest communication. We are a "culture first" focused environment with flexible work hours and custom workstations. We believe everyone should wear what makes them comfortable, work the hours they are the most productive, and work from where they get the most done. We believe hard work and company culture are the two key ingredients to a great work environment. Leverege has two locations in the Baltimore/DC area and is rapidly expanding to meet customer demand for its products and services.
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