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We Help Build Awesome Careers!

We Help Build Awesome Careers!

Leverage Edu's AI tool gives students access to decide what programs or colleges they are best suited for, and be matched to Leverage Experts 'just like them' for an on-demand, comprehensive, much loved, and award-winning 1:1 virtual mentorship/career guidance. The platform brings together 700+ Mentors from around the world today, who hail from top global colleges like Stanford, NYU, Oxford, MIT, Yale, Harvard, ISB and wide-varying experience centres like Goldman Sachs, Apple, Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation, Amazon, Facebook, McKinsey & Co., Tesla, and more. Post successful admits, we also help Leverage students with exclusive scholarships, industry-best educational loans, help on housing, forex/VISA, and more.

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Aman Arora

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Co-founder @Leverage Edu

Akshay Chaturvedi

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Co-founder/CEO @Leverage Edu, Core Team @Babajob, Account Head @Snapdeal, Consultant@ernst-young, MBA @ISB Hyderabad, Fellow @Draper University, Finance @KPMG