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Software Engineer

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The Role
Our Engineering Department employs some of the top engineering talent in the NY Capital District who are constantly working to improve on processes, quality and techniques, with the goal of producing the highest quality software solutions in the industry. As part of our goal to dramatically grow the engineering department we are establishing new teams with a focus on .NET technologies.
This is an unparalleled opportunity to help set the standard of a .NET practice here.
About Us
• We are polyglot. Micro-services, cloud, containers, and functions are more important to us than the programming language used to solve a problem
• Our team is comprised of very talented and highly motivated individuals, who pride themselves on working smarter, not harder.
• We’re empowered to make local decisions, reducing the overhead of getting things done.
• We aim for operational excellence, having a DevOps culture and a “you build it, you run it” mentality.
• We favor a Lean approach to our product development, following Kanban.
• We welcome new technologies and are constantly self-evaluating our tech stack to make sure we are providing software of the highest quality.
• Continuous Delivery is important to us and we are constantly looking to improve our automated testing and continuous integration.
Our Tech Stack
Historically most of our stack is written in Java but we’re using and investing in many other languages and runtimes. In recent years we have added Python and JavaScript/Node.js, now we are extending our capabilities to include the .NET ecosystem. We already have one large existing .NET application but are keen to leverage .NET Core for next-generation cloud-native application development. We’d be interested in candidates from any background as long as you have a keen understanding of Object Oriented languages. Here is a (not exclusive) list of technologies we currently use:
• MS SQL Server
• C#
• MongoDB, DynamoDB
• js/Express.js
• ElasticSearch, Amazon Lambda, Amazon ECS, Amazon Kinesis
• Chef, Vagrant
• Java/Groovy
• Linux and Windows

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Marketing for High Growth RPO

LevelUP RPO focuses on Social Media, Sales and Marketing, Social Media Marketing, Recruiting, and Brand Marketing. Their company has offices in New York City. They have a small team that's between 11-50 employees.

You can view their website at http://www.leveluprpo.com

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