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Vest/Jacket - Clothing Product Designer

Posted 2 months ago

We're looking at potentially launching a clothing product, a single vest, and require an expert level creative individual to assist with the product concept and design.


User Acquisition and Growth Hacking Advisor

Please see LetterDash.co.


Executive Powerhouse/Sidekick - New York

Posted 1 month ago

CEO is looking for someone that either has experience with the following items or is willing to be trained:

Quickbooks work: Inputting transactions and reconciling bank accounts
Filling out business forms
Working within Google adwords, Facebook and Twitter Ads, Linkedin Ads
Printing and mailin...


LetterDash Client Management- Executive/Senior Role

LetterDash is hiring!

Client Management @ Senior Level:

You will be working on the front lines of our business.


Attorney for Demand Letters and Cease and Desist Letters

Posted 4 weeks ago

LetterDash is seeking an attorney licensed in California OR Virginia or Massachusetts to handle the drafting of demand letters, cease and desist letters, etc.

Please email recruit@letterdash.


California Attorney

Posted 3 weeks ago

LetterDash is seeking an attorney barred in California to handle demand letters and cease and desist letters.


Attorney for Demand Letter Drafting

Posted 3 weeks ago

Legal startup is looking for a licensed and active attorney to write demand letters for demand letter platform.

The types of letters are wide ranging: Intent to sue neighbors, town/municipalities, tenants/landlords, insurance companies, girlfriends, doctors, cease and desist letters, breach of c...