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Social Media Executive / Communications Assistant

₹3L – ₹4L • No equity
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The role will primarily include planning and executing the marketing strategy for LetsVenture’s flagship conference - LetsIgnite and more such conferences / events. A secondary role would involve assisting with written content and designs for LetsVenture’s core business.


-Take up full charge of planning, marketing, and execution of each conference and events organised by LetsVenture.
-Prepare the website content for each event and coordinate with the tech team to launch and maintain the web presence.
-Plan the marketing strategy for each event and set up deadlines for each target group.
-Create content for each marketing campaign - designs, newsletters, emails, social media posts, video content, and blogs.
-Work with the team to engage the community and share invites with all the target groups - startups, investors, government, guests, speakers etc.
-Plan social media strategy for LinkedIn, Facebook, Instagram and Twitter around each event and create regular posts.
-Work with multiple vendors for photography, videography, and designs for each event. Engage in regular consultation and feedback to get the best results.
-Come up with new campaign ideas to promote different aspects of business better.
-Assist with other initiatives by LetsVenture and prepare content around it.


-Knowledge of basic editing tools like Canva, Photoshop, iMovie, and Audacity
-Excellent verbal and written communication skills. Should be able to weave words in a story and present them.
-A knack for detailing and perfection. Should have high design standards and should be able to communicate those needs.
-Should have an interest in entrepreneurship and startups as an industry and keen to learn more about investing and fundraising.
-Should have an experience with organising formal events and conferences either on a college level or outside.