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Satellite collision avoidance

Satellite collision avoidance

LeoLabs™ is dedicated to protecting satellites in low Earth orbit (LEO) from collisions. The number of satellites in LEO is growing rapidly, and there is no reliable or responsive commercial service for tracking these satellites and the debris that threatens them. LEO is a shared, critical resource and responsible stewardship is important if we are to maintain its use. LeoLabs™ Tracking as a Service (TaaS) will address this need with a worldwide network of phased-array radars and a data analytics service that will address the shortcomings of current data sources by (a) tracking 10x more debris than is currently tracked and (b) rapidly responding to urgent customer requests. LeoLabs™ TaaS also includes other services - quickly tracking newly launched satellites, verifying deployments, verifying maneuvers, and troubleshooting satellite malfunctions.

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Founder and CTO of LeoLabs.
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