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AI and Productivity

AI and Productivity

Lentil AI is an early stage startup being incubated at Stanford Research Institute (SRI). Previous SRI companies include Siri, Nuance, Intuitive Surgical amongst others.

Lentil is focused on communications and workplace productivity. Lentil applies deep learning amongst other technologies to Voice, WebRTC and more.

We are Seed-stage backed by ENIAC, Crosslink, Golden, Redpoint, Precursor and others. We are hiring engineers (iOS, Android, Web/React, Server/Java/Python) - please reach-out! (raj@lentil.ai)

Rolf Rando

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SF based MIT grad, skilled engineer, manager and product developer. Broad skill set but top eng skills are iOS, 3D rendering, and photofx

Jag Srawan

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Raj Singh

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CEO of @Lentil AI Previously @Tempo AI, @Allthecooks, @Skyfire, @Veeker and others

Senior / Lead Designer

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