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Computer Animations and Fine Art

Creative - artistic animator with ability to fill art on graphics and animations for promotional videos - product explanation -

Communication and time management skills are must
Ability to use animation and video editing software.

Flexibility to use company's base of software editing


PHP developer

Posted 2 months ago

Require an excellent talent in website technologies specially PHP Coding

Ability to work on PHP Daemon (efficiency)
Good hand work of CSS

Person should have excellent understanding and working on ecommerce based platforms


LAMP developer

Setting up Servers basis Linux

Able to work on dedicated server including setup - configuration - management - speed management - Apache and SQL settings

Follows LAMP models of web technologies
PHP core development and efficiency programming
Ecommerce Technology solutions
App Development


COO position at LensBazaar

Chief Operating Officer post at LensBazaar

Excellent customer management skills
Counter knowledge to all IT related specially acronym PHP , SEO works ,etc
Good knowledge of online marketing / google ad-words
Inventory management expertise
Reporting structures
Ability to work on tough e...