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Capture more than what you see.

Capture more than what you see.

Lens lets you capture photos that are verified and then watermarked by date, time & location. You’ll never ask when or where a photo was taken again!

Nowadays content we view is lost in a sea of distribution because there is no way to verify it, it lacks the 'when' & 'where'. There is a missing link between when a photo or video is taken, & when it is viewed by someone. That missing link is verification - the when & where any photo or video was taken - & Lens provides the solution to this by pulling the date & time from our servers & the location from the phone’s GPS. More importantly though, we watermark all this information ON the actual image, making it easily visible to anyone viewing it.

Verification is important for all kinds of reasons. In the news when viewing a photo or video, if you’re late to work because of an accident on the road, work documentation whether in construction, architecture, & home or travel listings.
Cofounder & CDO of Mapture • Studied at @Rutgers University, New Brunswick

Belal Eid

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Founder @Lens • Worked at @Vodafone • Studied at @Helwan University

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