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Senior Java Developer (remote-first, NL residents only)

€40k – €80k • No equity
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Lendex is a lending platform, originating consumer loans 24/7 in a fully automated, robust and transparent process. Lendex offers fair loans and a risk-adjusted return through our unique loan origination technology platform that enables real-time, instant and paperless credit scoring and execution for on- and offline transactions.

Lendex was founded in 2014 and spend 5 years on research and development. Now we are backed up by a solid bank and ready to go live!

We are working with a classic technology stack based on Spring and Hibernate. We are going live with a minimum set of features and after that there will be enough time to clean up and adjust the system. We have an interesting roadmap and are planning to introduce new technologies like ML and go microservices if needed.

We have the ambition to build a solid team of professionals from scratch who can't wait to open their Slack and IDE, who love transparency and directness and who are not afraid of a working environment that makes their partners jealous. Our culture is a greenfield and we are given all the freedom to make it a dream job using the best practices humankind possesses now. That's why we are looking for self-motivated smart people, who love their profession and value their freedom so they can appreciate the conditions which we are creating. People who are result-oriented and can deliver without being controlled. People who always eager to learn.

Being more precise, we are looking for backend Java developers into a freshly formed team with a remote-first approach. It means that we are going to work remotely and meet time to time in our brand-new office in Almere. Of course, you are always welcome to come and work in the office but it's not an obligation.

We are using a relational database, so you should speak fluently SQL and know the difference between OUTER and INNER JOIN.

We have a front-end, so if you can talk with front-end developers on their language (JavaScript / AngularJS) it's also a big plus.

We are DevOps, so you should be comfortable with Linux and experience with Cloud is a big plus.

Because of the remote-first approach, you should be comfortable with written conversations.

Good work should be paid well. We offer a competitive salary based on what do you bring to the team. We provide a laptop, pay for your internet, do team-buildings, organize visa sponsorship, all this stuff...

Our website is still messy and there is not much information about us on the Internet - it's because all our focus now is on launching our first products. So don't let it confuse you! When the rubber hits the road and our disruption squadron will start shaking the market it can be too late. If a fresh environment and a possibility to grow with the company from the very beginning sound attractive to you, jump on the train! Don't hesitate to contact us and you will get answers to all your questions (hm, this could be a good motto to advertise a new religious cult, but we are working in another domain).