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We make home loans honest, fast, and completely online.

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Lenda makes the home loan experience honest, fast and completely online.

Thanks to technology, we have more leverage now than at any other time in history. With comparatively little effort, we can make great tools that empower large numbers of people. In this case, they're empowering the American homeowner.

At Lenda, you can deploy your abilities to help everyday US families by giving them access to a fully transparent home loan process so that the largest investment of their life - their home - is available for generations to come. The impact this has on all of us is massive.

Until now, the industry has been entrenched with large, massive players, and a slew of Web 1.0 lead generation sites driving traffic. The consumer experience, however, is completed entirely offline and is so poorly done that Net Promoter Scores are sub-10%; on-par with used car sales. The opportunity is obvious. With software, we're bridging the online-offline gap in a technologically underserved $10 trillion vertical.

Together, we're fixing the broken mortgage industry so that financial meltdowns like 2008 never happen again. Lenda is at the epicenter of helping families with what matters most - their home.

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