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Incubator focused on Artificial Intelligence and Blockchain



Founder of @Blossom, @Lemmings, @Mithril PM, Jobs to be done, Design, UX, Clojure, Python, Process, Kaizen. Computer Science at @Vienna Technical University
Founder @glitchcat, Founder @nuwings , Founder @Lemmings Product, Design, Branding, Positioning, UI, UX
Founder of @Blossom, @Lemmings, @Mithril Product, UX, Service Design, Positioning, Typography, Game Design, Clojure, Python, Tea, Minimalism, Dao, …

Board members and advisors

Italian, 3x Founder. Product oriented dev, former space engineer.
Product Manager & Developer. Previously founded @oratio and organized @ChatbotConf
I build digital products people love to use. Mainly interested in AI, physics, robotics, medicine.
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