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The world's largest virtual R&D department

The world's largest virtual R&D department

Legit helps R&D teams consisting of engineers, researchers and scientists refine their ideas and figure out what’s truly unique about their solutions. Our proprietary natural language processing algorithms allow R&D teams to explore their ideas by being shown only the relevant parts of long technical documents and decomposing the idea into its constituent topics, giving the user complete control over what relevant technologies to explore.

Simultaneously, we give R&D managers the ability to understand how their teams are thinking and identify collaboration opportunities amongst different groups and even different offices
Chief Scientist & Cofounder at Legit Patents; part-time lecturer in computer science at Tufts. Ph.D. in computer science from Brandeis University, 2007.
Data analyst, policy wonk and tax nerd who's interested in how quantitative techniques can help solve unequal access to the law
CEO at Legit Patents, fmr. hedge funder @ Pearl Diver Capital. Experience with Artificial Intelligence, Intellectual Property, Tax and Corporate Law

Frontend Software Engineer

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