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Legal Malpractice Risk Management

Legal Malpractice Risk Management

LegalRisk.io is a SaaS tool that uses relational mapping technology, similar to services like Palantir, to identify and surface potentially problematic personal and professional relationships for lawyers enabling them to more efficiently manage their malpractice risk, client onboarding and business development.

Law firms currently deal with client manangment and conflicts of interest risk today by throwing many, very expensive, bodies at the problem. Experienced lawyers, dedicated only to this task, manually enter a potential client's data into a local legacy database. Conflicts checks essentially boil down to a keyword search for related names.

We automate this process, giving ethics managers the ability to identify all problematic relationships and ensure a potential client will pass a conflicts check even before investing resources to develop the relationship.

Users decrease labor costs, decrease insurance costs, and avoid wasting their valuable business development budget.
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