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Marketplace for legal talent and technology

Marketplace for legal talent and technology

Legal.io provides marketplace technology to a global ecosystem of law firms and legal referral networks addressing a $600B legal industry, so they can coordinate talent, services and workflow 10x better than current methods. We sell to trusted institutions within the legal service industry, so they can scalably coordinate work flowing to networks of hundreds and thousands of lawyers. From local communities, to global communities of over a billion users supported by major Silicon Valley technology companies, Legal.io channels legal work to trusted networks of independent legal advisors, to save costs and reduce liability, while measuring & improving user outcomes. By gathering multiple independent datasets on who trusts whom to do what, and at what price, we use machine learning to develop the most comprehensive and accurate matching algorithms so that we become the go-to source and intermediary for the who, where, how, and at what price, for any legal work, anywhere in the world.

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Tony Lai

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Founder & CEO @Legal_io. Founding team & alum @StartX. Masters from @Oxford University and @Stanford University - lawyer, educator, design thinker, optimist.
Founder & COO @Legal.io. IP and Tech lawyer @DLA Piper. @Stanford Law graduate. Entrepreneur in Residence @StartX.. Legal innovator.
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